3 Crucial Reasons And Unforeseen Consequences Of Leaking Roofs

The sight of leaking roofs is pretty unpleasant, right? But do you know the reasons what causes roofs to leak or what happens if they do? Do you know why you should call professional right away if you see a leaking roof at your place to avoid severe consequences?

Primary Reasons For Leaking Roofs

A leak can be caused due to many reasons, but the primary ones are mentioned below:

1. Improper roof installation or roof repairs

Did you ensure that the professionals that installed your roofs were experienced and reliable enough to get a good job done? The primary reason for leaks is improper roof installation which basically means either the materials used are of low-quality or the professionals did not do a good job. Improperly sealed joints are also one of the many reasons for leaking roofs.

Does your roof often need repairs? Are roof leaks a recurrent phenomenon at your place? Are you looking for efficient leaking roof repairs in Sydney? Another reason for leaking roofs is improper repairs in situations where either the previous leak was not properly repaired, or the other issues were mishandled which caused the roof to leak. Have you seen a whirlybird in Sydney? An improper whirlybird installation might also cause damage to the roof; resulting in a leakage.

2. Plumbing problems in your house

Leaking pipes are the major cause of roof damage which commonly leads to leaking roofs. It is caused either because of low-quality plumbing equipment or inexperienced professionals; being the root cause of leakage throughout the structure, which also damages the roofing material and causes it to leak. Ventilation systems are also a common place where leaks occur.

3. Climatic conditions in your area

Condensation, moisture and other climatic conditions also cause the roofs to leak because the moisture causes damps and moulds throughout the house, which leads to damage to the roofing material; causing it to leak. Rain, storms and other conditions also damage the roofs.

Hazardous Unexpected Consequences Of A Leaking Roof

Never overlook a leaking roof because it not only destroys the interiors of your house that you so creatively planned but also has the following consequences:

1. Fire hazards

This is a rare accident that might be caused due to a leaking roof. What does a leaking roof mean? It simply means that certain amount of water is dripping from the ceiling. What if it comes in contact with a live wire or any other electrical source? Many cases are there where a leaking roof has caused the entire house to get burned down. Yes, it can be deadly!

2. Health concerns

As already mentioned above, leaks cause the formation of moulds throughout the structure, and people who have high-sensitivity can be affected badly because moulds may be responsible for the following infections & diseases:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Rhinitis
  • Asthma
  • Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Allergies

Some of these health issues might not seem that dangerous to you but they just reduce your immunity; making you prone to many severe diseases.

1. High utility bills

Leaking roofs mean that your place has a pocket which will affect the temperature constantly, but then how you can keep it maintained? Yes, you are thinking correctly; your thermostat needs to work all day long against this situation to keep the inside temperature pleasant for you and your family. Chronic water intrusion will also damage the insulation of your house completely, which means far more pounds on utility bills than you might have to spend on leaking roof repairs.

The reasons and consequences mentioned above will inform and educate you what are the causes of leaking roofs and how they can turn into something ugly real soon. So, it is better to get them repaired from an experienced, reliable professional service to avoid hazardous situations which might cost you a fortune.

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