6 Fun Ways to Host a Memorable Surprise Party

Planning a party is a huge task and moreover, if you want to give someone a surprise then the responsibility that comes with it is mammoth. From thinking about the person for whom you are throwing the bash, to the guests, every detail needs double the attention and double the care. After all, you are turning someone’s special day into a memory that will be engraved in their hearts forever. So, read on and find out the 6 fun ways to host a memorable surprise party that has all the right ingredients-


  • Undercover Guest List

Inviting your guests is the most important and the most precarious part of the surprise party, one slip and the revel is over before it starts. Thus, chose the guest list carefully and invite people who will understand the importance of their big day. Also, when sending the invite, make it bold and clear that it is a secret celebration and request them to keep it confidential. Further, have direct RSVP to an email address, a closed Facebook group or a phone number that reaches only the planning team (in case of over one person planning the event). Lastly, invite people half an hour before the guest of honour so that everyone is present there for the final surprise moment.


  • The Secret Venue

You can host the party at either the friend’s house or a restaurant that your guest of honour enjoys. It is better to not do it at the guest of honor’s home as planning, decorating and keeping everything confidential becomes easier. Also, if at someone else’s home, be smart and tell your guests to park their cars a little away from the venue to give no clue of the planned surprise.  


  • Theme & Dress code

Once you have decided the venue, select a theme to give uniformity to the party. Hence, pick a theme that your guest of honour will relate to, it may be their hobby, their favourite music, movie, etc. and plan the surrounding milieu. Spur Creative specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality props, sculptures and structures for diverse clients. So, you check the props from there and give your venue a unique fun look. You can even ask your invitees to dress accordingly and play the music that best suits that theme. While planning and closing on this particular aspect, make sure that your special guest is in line with the theme and be dressed appropriately. 


  • Stock-up the food and drinks

Food and drinks play an important role in a party, thus, select is prudently. Make sure that the variety is in-sync with the theme and the menu has some favourite dishes of the guest of honor. It’s practical to have regular finger foods like canapés, sandwiches, pizza wheels, sliders, dips and chips, etc. Alternatively, laying down a buffet with a variety of dishes too is something that works well in parties. Along with the food, fill up the bar and have a mix of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Oh yes, the cake! It should be of the favourite flavour of the special guest. 


  • Guest of honor entrance

Getting the guest of honor to the venue is one the toughest part of the entire preparation. On the day of the event, make someone responsible for getting the person to the designated venue. However, appearing out of the blue and asking the special person to come along will lead to suspicion. Therefore, start executing the plan from the morning and give a call to go out for drinks closer to the surprise party time. Once done from there, tactfully message that one person at the location about your approximate time to reach so that everyone is ready to surprise that special person. 

  • Capture

Nominate the person who will capture the moment of the surprise. Place the photographer right across so as to seize the expression of the guest of honor for a lifelong memory.

So, shout out ‘Surprise’ and remember these two simple rules. Rule number one, keep it a secret and rule number two, keep the secret when you prepare someone’s surprise party.

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