Flameless Candles Lighting Up Home Events!

Home is an abode of peace for all. Many a times, it bears witness to the happiness and love that the whole family shares among themselves. It is obvious that you not want any kind of distress in your household. Plan wonderful dinners in your home, outdoor or indoor, and candles along the dining table would be a wonderful addition! Only make sure that the candles, do not topple over or get blown out.

If you want to avoid all of this, then it is best to go for battery operated candles. Many stores have a wide range of flameless candles in Australia. These candles run on batteries and many also have auto-timers in them. Many homeowners consider these to be perfect for home setting.


Investing in traditional wax candles might seem affordable, but the cleaning hassles and safety issues are most probably missed in this consideration. There are numerous textures, colours and patterns available in battery operated candles, so you need not settle for something, you do not like. Here are some other factors that make these flameless candles perfect for usage in homes:

Eliminating the flame, makes these perfect for home. The candles are safe and you need not worry your child handling the candles.

1. With traditional candles, you had to be vigilant as it could topple over and start a fire. Being flameless, this problem is solved in a jiffy.

2. No need to worry about turning the candles off, as most come fitted with a timer. Set the timer and enjoy the party or romantic dinner with your spouse.

3. When you have eliminated the fire element and found it to be the safer option, you can concentrate on other reasons for investing in battery-operated candles, as they are at par with the traditional ones:

4. The variety is similar to that of traditional candles. You will be able to find a wide variety in a huge variation of choices. From small to big, from colourful to patterned. Find the right candles for your occasion is quite easy and convenient.

5. It might be battery operated, but you will never be able to see the battery. The design is so neat and clean that the battery is not visible and hence looks just like a traditional candle. The only difference is the “flameless flame” in the middle, which is visible only up-close.

6. The battery-operated candles last for a much longer time than the traditional wax candles, making it a cost-effective option as well.

Now that you have seen the perks yourself, it is time to find the right candle for your event.


When you set up an event the main thing that crosses your mind is the theme. Even if, there is no theme to your party, you must have thought about the décor. Décor for the party is crucial. Ask yourself,

1. What type of event are you going to hold?

2. Will it be an outdoor event or an Indoor event?

Get a questionnaire ready! Once you have the answer to all the questions, you can start thinking about the décor.

Outdoor events are amazing in the right weather, but lighting can be a problem. Battery-operated flameless pillar candles with remote are versatile and can be part of both indoor and outdoor events. This will not be possible with traditional candles. So, if it is an outdoor event, then battery operated candles are a must. Now, that you have set your mind on using the flameless candles, you will need to thing about the theme.

The theme will help you find the right colour and pattern of candle. You have numerous options, from small to big. The flameless candles come in various sizes and patterns. These candles help elevate the mood of the gathering.

Set up a lovely gathering in your backyard or patio and have a gala time with the battery-operated candles as your shining light.

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