How to choose the right boat training school?

The fresh whiff of the seas is an enticing thought! But, to enjoy that, you must have a boat. Even if you have a boat, do you have the training to sail one? There are so many schools willing to help you learn to sail your boat. Now, we have motor driven boats as well. So, you need to make sure that you know how to drive and sail a boat. Purely sail driven boats have reduced in numbers. So, you need to know both.

You need to complete your Boat Licence Central Coast course from a reputed boating school. Only then will you be able to drive and sail the boat effortlessly, to enjoy a beautiful boat ride. Whether it is the lake or the sea, you will definitely need to know how to sail the boat. To learn the skills perfectly you need a good school. Without a good school all your efforts are useless.

How can you ensure that the Boat School is perfect for you?

If you are looking for a boating school, then you will need to keep certain aspects in your mind. Do not pick the first school you find! Research is important. You will need to find a school that is top notch in all sense. Here are some factors that you need to watch out for:

1. Instructors: You are learning a serious skill. Driving a boat is not an easy task. You will need to learn the whole thing perfectly. If you do not learn it, you could be stuck in the middle of sea or lake with no one for miles to help you. No one would want that! So, you need a skilled instructor to help you learn the skills. You will also need to make sure that the instructor is certified from noted sailing associations. This is proof of their skill and knowledge.

2. Instructions: Can you learn to swim on land? Obviously not! So, you need to go in the water to learn the skills. The same theory applies for sailing lessons as well. You will be able to sail across the seas only if you learn sailing in water. So, you need to make sure that the course involves a hands-on approach, when it comes to instructions. But, before you hit the water, you will need to know all about boat sailing controls and more. So, they should also use audio and visual teaching methods.

3. The Course: Nobody wants a course that just teaches the basics. It is true that experience will teach you many aspects, but the fact remains that you need an advanced course on sailing to hit the water. The course should have a wide variety of lessons including recreational sailing, navigation to passage making as well as racing (if you get a bit adventurous).

4. References: Many like to sail alone, but a full on party with friends and family on a boat is just awesome! So, you must have friends and colleagues or acquaintances, who know how to sail. Talk to them and know from where they learned their skills. Use these references to find a good boating school for your lessons.

5. Student to Teacher Ratio: Have you ever been to a class with a huge number of students? Handling such a huge class is always difficult for the teacher. The same theory applies for a sailboat teacher as well. The good ratio is 4 to 6 students per teacher. Anything more than that will be chaotic. You will fail to learn the skills and head on a disaster course.

Are you feeling pumped up about your sailing experience? Well, you should! But, learn to drive the boat first! Use these tips to find a good school for your sailing lessons. Learn to drive a boat, so that you can sail off effortlessly into the sunset!


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