How to spare less time on house cleaning

As a homemaker or a professional woman, one of the significant aspects of your routine life is cleaning the house. Well, all the ladies reading this post would agree that cleaning the house is one of the major tasks on which they spend a lot of their time. Yes, we understand that you want to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the home for your family, but you need to keep some time for yourself too. Since we respect every person taking the time to keep their environment clean, here’s how you can do it by spending lesser time.

Wash dishes asap

If you keep the dinner dishes to be cleaned in the morning, then you are piling up work for you. Don’t do that to yourself! Once your family is done with the dinner, take out 10 minutes of your time to clean the dishes right away, so your kitchen is clean and ready to be used in the morning. If you are a professional, this is an absolute necessity for you so you won’t be late for office in the morning because you had to do the dishes first.

Be attentive towards key areas

While you are standing in your living room and wondering where to start the cleaning toil, make a checklist of all the critical and significant focus areas which needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. There are numerous aspects of a home which make it look clean or super dirty. Water fed pole window cleaning need not be done every day. Make sure that you dust all the major furniture pieces every day including TVs and bookshelves to give the illusion of your home being tidy, even if it is not in every corner.

Take up small tasks every day

Instead of going on a major cleaning bout why not take up simple tasks every day to efficiently reduce the cleaning work. Instead of cluttering up, focus on decluttering by taking up many small tasks and finish them every day. Give this process a try for a week, and you will see a noticeable difference in the work you are left with. Try to spend at most half an hour for cleaning every day. Dishes take ten minutes, sweeping the floor takes ten minutes, and dusting also takes about fifteen minutes which makes one day’s cleaning process. Use the same technique for combining different cleaning tasks for other days as well.

Keep it in order

If you are willing to clean the floor first and then dust off the blinds and windows, then you will need required window cleaning equipments and have to do the whole floor cleaning process again because of the dust coming from the shades. If you would keep the cleaning process in order, it will be easy and quick. Clean the kitchen slab while cooking so when you do the dishes after dinner, you don’t have many tasks at hand. Keeping things in order will reduce your workload considerably.

Hire a professional service

One of the easiest ways to save all your time is by hiring a professional cleaning. From water fed pole window cleaning to upholstery cleaning, you won’t have to worry about a thing which makes it the perfect option for you. Find the best one in your area, make them understand all your requirements and relax on your favourite chair and read your favourite book while they do all the chores.

Cleaning your home is essential but efficient dividing and formulating a plan would make the job much easier for you. Use these tips to spend less time on cleaning and more time for yourselves and your family.

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